The Wrath Of The Chickens (WOTC) server has shut its doors...
...after six years of running a public Minecraft server!!

We hope those who have played here have fond memories of our server.

Those of you who were a dedicated part of our community throughout the years. We do have a small private server just for you.

While WOTC is for the most part closed. We still offer a place for those who have stuck with us during the good and bad.

The server IP is still the same address. If you are not already whitelisted, you must contact Nixx at the Email address below.

This is a private server and is invite only. If you are not whitelisted right now, I may not have had your in-game name.

If you mail me and do not hear back within two weeks, sorry, but you will not be whitelisted.

Click here & email Nixx!