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*** PLEASE LOGIN TO VIEW ALL FORUMS *** [LOCKED] / Please Register and/or Login!
« Last post by VoidingNixx on January 23, 2012, 12:14:59 am »
Hello.  Welcome to the home for Wrath Of The Chickens (WOTC).  Here is where you find the forums for our Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server.  Not seeing much?  Keep reading...

Our forums are not visible to those who are not registered users.  If you would like to play on WOTC or communicate with our other members, you must first Register an account with our forum site and Login to your account.  Please look at the top right section of the page for the Register link and Login location.  Or, if you wish, you may follow this link to register a new account:

If you wish to play on the Minecraft server you will need to proceed one step further and submit an application.  No worries, it does not take that long and most people enjoy our application process. The Application forum may be found here:,5.0.html

Hope to see you around!
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